A wall spray painted with the phrase, "Question everything!"
credit: henry.../Flickr

Keep asking yourself: what’s really going on? No matter what topic we’re talking about, there is falsity. Whether it’s coming from the government, the media or a stranger on the street — don’t let anything verbalized go without accountability. Your awareness must triumph over acceptance in ignorance.

Whatever you care about, know the facts.

Unless something is done to ease it, pain generally increases before it decreases. It becomes cyclical until you decide to take action to eradicate it. Operative word there being ACTION.

But how do you eradicate something that so many are making such good money off of? Yes, poverty is a growing industry of misery, from which others accumulate abundance.

So, then, what would be the incentive for the powers that be, those that benefit, to eradicate homelessness? Shouldn’t it be enough motivation that our veterans sacrificed their lives, education, families and livelihood to afford others freedom and security? Yet thousands of them still languish homeless in society.

The acknowledgement of the actual existence of a problem must take place.

Again I ask, what’s really going on? Even within a lot of charitable organizations or nonprofits that you so proudly support and boast about. Yes, really! Where is the bulk of the money going? Don’t pretend to be oblivious to ease your conscience. Don’t shut your eyes to the world around you.

Perception or reality?

Let’s brainstorm! Your ideas and thoughts are quite valuable. They are no doubt more sensible than those made by decision makers on the Hill or anywhere decisions are made based on profit margins to line someone’s pockets.

So feedback is solicited from you:

1. What do you think the solution is for this apparently broken system? Is it truly broken or is it just that the functionaries aren’t functioning the way they were designed to function?

2. How can we provide enough affordable housing?

3. How can we house the downtrodden?

Don’t wait until the tragedy of the reality of this homeless epidemic hits home. It’s truly possible. Your or I are not exempt or immune. Reality, not perception.

Don’t allow yourself to be pacified by being classified as satisfied with the “justice” of an unjust America.