City street
credit: trepelu/Flickr

I wanted to give readers an update on my job. It’s going really well. I do about four to five plumbing calls per day. I work on Hanover Parkway in Greenbelt. If I work 90 days part time from 2:30-6:30, they will open up a full time position for me.


Seven years ago, I was a plumber working full time. But when I became ill, I lost my job. Now I’m getting back into the workforce, and doing what I do best: plumbing. This time around, it will be better than before.


I still sell papers on 11th and F streets some mornings, and on weekends at Eastern Market. I just want to say to all other vendors and my friends at Street Sense, never lose faith. And when looking for a job, sometimes it won’t be easy. But if I can do it, you can to. Remember, never give up.