credit: Barbara Pollard

The monkey and the little girl used to play in the jungle outside of their village in the tropics. One day they heard a loud sound, with a growl on it: “ARRRGGGHHHAAHHH!”

The monkey was scared. But the little girl wasn’t. She was very assertive and decided to have a conversation with the monster. The little girl was more ferocious at heart.

The monster was confused. No one had ever approached it before.

“What is your problem?” the little girl asked. “We’re singing, dancing, cooking — getting along peacefully and happily in our village. Why do you have to ruin it? What do you think you are doing?”

The monster began to cry. It realized how unnecessary its behavior was. It cried, cried and cried.

The little girl grabbed it by the hand and led the monster back to the village. The monster was speechless — no words or growls. It had never known love.

Some people can’t handle it — others don’t recognize it. But the monster embraced love. It cried even more.

The little girl had taught the monster what life could be like in harmony with others and the village welcomed it to join them for the dancing, the singing and even the cooking.

The monster didn’t have to be a monster any more. It was broken down. It took a little girl to do it.

Soon enough, the monster broke out in song. No one had ever heard a singing monster before. And it was goooood! The sun came out as the monster sang. And they partied the day away.

We have to be kind to each other. The world is cold enough.