I see you Mr. Brooks Brothers in your stylish blue blazer,
I see you Mr. Brooks Brothers dressed sharp as a razor,
I saw you put some change in a homeless man’s cup,
As you stopped to admire a dalmatian and her pup.
You head back to work, a tall building, your throne, your domain,
As you look down at the people below like ‘Bill’ feeling their pain,
All the protestors making noise,
And you can’t wait to go home and play with your toys.
All you have envisioned, a future as rich as milk and honey,
Living life dangerously playing with other folks money,
So you downsized your gulfstream and even your yacht.
Someone said, “I’m not concerned about the very poor” in case you forgot,
The Dow plunges downward falling below 16K,
Tell me Mr. Brooks Brothers, whose money will you play with today?