Stack of Street Sense papers
credit: Zoe King

Selling Street Sense papers means long and lonely days. Most times you feel like you are on island, all by yourself.

You can never lose your confidence when selling papers. To get through long and lonely days, I meditate and keep focus on what the main goal is. You have to remember that it’s more to just selling the paper… sometimes it’s about selling yourself.

People will believe in you when you believe in yourself; and believing in yourself means those lonely days will seem shorter. Just remember to always look forward to what you want, and at 5:30 am at Starbucks, I look forward to selling my papers.

I’m pretty sure everybody has long and lonely days on their jobs, but being the best we can and being who we are, we can deal much better with lonely days. The future is ours and as long as we remember that, we can handle anything that comes our way.