credit: Lori Greig/ Flickr

Make sure you’re sure each and every day in your life, we have to be sure about every decision that we make. From the important issues and to the smallest issues, we have to be sure. Some of us say yes, when we really mean no, and some of us say no, when we really mean yes.

I remember when I was about thirteen and I went to a friend’s house. His mom said, “Phillip, do you want something to eat?” I said, “No, thank you…are you sure Phillip…and again, I said no thank you” …and no sooner then she went upstairs I said to my friend…”Hey, give me some of that. “Even though it happened a long time ago, the decisions that some of us are making today indicate a feeling of insecurity.

We have to be sure about each and every choice we make. If you are sitting in your office and you decide to go to McDonald’s…but some of your friends want to go Starbucks…make sure you are sure. Be you. Being sure of yourself is a very important part of your life. We as a people must get more in touch with our lives, that every choice we make comes from being sure and mean it. We gain a little more self respect when we make good decisions…but we have to be sure. Think through your decisions.