Apartment Buildings
credit: Nikos Koutoulas/Flickr

On Friday, March 1, I’ll be starting a new job. It’s part time working for a housing project in

Greenbelt, MD. From 2:30 til 6:30 I’ll be working as a plumber. Even though it’s part time; it’s a starting point to get me to full time employment. It hasn’t been easy, but keeping my faith in God and the power of prayer is opening doors for me. From gaining custody of my children, to having housing, and now, a part time job is only the beginning for me and my two daughters. A good friend of mine once told me to always pray, and never worry. But if you worry, you shouldn’t pray. We always go through ups and downs in life, and most time we have to dig way down into ourselves to make our lives better. Staying healthy and happy can also make your life better. You don’t have to go through what you been through if you don’t want  to. I know starting to work part time will turn into full time real soon; in order to finish anything, you first have to start. And on March 1, it’s my starting point.


Thank you.